Amazon Philippines Availability

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Now that Amazon has reached South East Asia, we’re all hoping that it will soon be in the Philippines. (US) is an ever-growing website company that is now available in many countries, but it’s not in the Philippines yet. Despite this fact, it is now possible to shop worldwide using forwarding services. It is very fast and easy to buy and import U.S. products to the Philippines.

Amazon Philippines Shopping

Amazon Philippines official website is not available yet, but this doesn’t matter because you can now easily shop at And why Shop at Amazon? Simply because there’s so many great things on there that you cannot find here in the Philippines. Or you would probably find them but they’re so expensive especially the top brands. So why don’t we just buy the products ourselves directly from the US, right? We could save more money. You can buy anything on Amazon like books, toys, tech and gadgets, fashion, health and beauty products, collectibles and more!


Shipping Amazon Philippines

There are two best ways you can ship Amazon products to Philippines. First is Direct Shipping and second is Third Party Shipping. Amazon can actually ship items directly to your home address here in the Philippines and that’s what you call Direct Shipping. It’s the easiest way but it’s very expensive, so you should not do Direct Shipping. If you will shop at Amazon, you should use Third party shipping. This means you need to use a freight forwarding service to ship your items to Philippines. It’s actually cheaper, safer, faster and it will allow you to ship items that don’t ship directly to Philippines. Not all items on Amazon can be shipped to Philippines that is why you need a forwarder. Good forwarding services are Shipping Cart, Johnny Air and MyShoppingBox. They will provide you a U.S. shipping address which is free. You can use it everytime you’re shopping at Amazon or any online U.S. stores.

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